Welcome to The Free and/or Open Software Wiki

The Free and/or Open Software Wiki is a collaborative website for software projects that are free (to all) and/or Open Source (at no additional charge). This is to to serve as hub to show people what all software projects there are out there and of course give information about them. Feel welcome to display information (including the projects home page) about your operating systems, killer apps, and/or works in progress. You never know someone might just want to help!


Sorry, I was gone for a long time. I have picked up some new tricks and regained my interest in this wiki so things will start picking up again soon.

To explain why I left though:

  • There are wikis for "free" and "open" software on the Wikia network.
  • Most of the sections I already posted have there own wikis.
  • I generally got discouraged and lost interest.

For some good news though I am going to be putting up some new features here soon. Including a requests page.

Help Us!Edit

  • New to this Wiki, if so please read our Manual of Style. It's still in development right now but I am pretty sure you could get the basics out of it. Also It is Unique to this Wiki!
  • Remember to read the rules!
  • Know anything about a project? Well, some pages need some work.
  • Want to make a page about a Operating System, Application, Programing, or even Software Concepts! Fill this in, and you're on your way!

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