Just so every one is clear on this, this article was created to create both consistency and effectiveness of presentation and like a lot of the projects described on this site it is free to be implemented else ware. An Important note, this article only uses its name to describe what its function is. The format about to be described is likely unfamiliar to you so please read all of this.

Adding a New ProjectEdit

There are two really important parts of putting a new project on this wiki. First it needs its own homepage and second it needs to have its own category (which will be to help with organization)

On Wiki Home PageEdit

Create the home page for the project for example: GIMP, remembering that this page is intended to be a basic article and represent your this project for everyone.

Appropriate for this:

  • What it was designed for
  • Project history
  • Features
  • Project Logo
  • Screen Shots
  • Project home page

Not appropriate for this:

  • Advanced undefined vocab
  • Source Code

Project CategoryEdit

This goes by the same name as your project home page, so if your you create a home page called GIMP you would click the add category button and type GIMP. All following pages about GIMP are added as pages to the category GIMP or a sub-category of it (Like Category:GIMP Tutorials). This is to help with organization. For example this way a section about tutorials will not get bloated with some 100 plus pages about how to do something in GIMP and instead will have only the sub-category GIMP Tutorials.

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