For anyone who feels that it is a required that you are a member to be banned fear not, I treat members and non-members equally.

  • Feel free to advertise on this wiki. Under the conditions that you do it either through Wikia advertisements or you are giving away the home page and/or a major website associated with the project(/s). If you advertise on this site out of compliance with this rule, you will probably get a ban of 1 week.
  • (Not Implemented Yet) Please use the {infobox} tag (Equivalent). The button File:Button.InfoBox.png will create a simple version for you to start off. Read more here later, after I implement it.
  • Please don't spam! Depending on how annoying you are you will get a ban for up to 6 months!
  • Please no porn! You will be banned for 1 year (and I am just going to delete it anyway)!
  • Please categorize, or someone else will have to do it for you. It's not hard and it can be fixed if you mess up so please do it yourself (If you do not know how feel free to ask).
  • Not following the rules of Wikia could mean a ban from 1 day to forever:
  1. Not very very serious: 1 day ban
  2. Not very serious: 3 days ban
  3. Not serious: 1 week ban
  4. Close to serious: 6 week ban
  5. Almost close to serious: 12 week ban
  6. Serious: 6 month ban
  7. Very serious: 2 year ban
  8. Very very serious: banned forever
  • If the article you create is not related to either "Free and/or Open Source Software", "Software Concepts" (Remember this site is not just for "Advanced Users"), or "How To Program"; the article will be deleted and you will gain a 1 week ban.

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